Community is one of the most important things we can do for our mental health. We put so much priority on our physical health, yet we put our mental health to the side frequently. We want to present opportunities for us to gather together as human beings. 

See what research says about community and its implications on your health: Ways Social Life Influences Health


Let's get coffee.

Not sure about a community group? Or just want to chat? We know you have heard our story and we want to hear yours. Let us be a part of your community and have a chat with one of our executives. 

Meet McClain McKinney

McClain is our Chief Performance Officer. He has a passion for acting, film, books, travel, and blah blah blah blahand has been featured 


Meet Will Siskey

Will is our CIO and Director of Athletic Relations. He has a passion for people, books, travel, sports, and has been featured in Cooking with Paula Deen. 


(Our headshots make us look more serious than we are. -McClain & Will)