Athletic Advantage

By utilizing all of our resources, we are redefining what it means to be a world class athlete.

Bioscans are used to give our athletes a tailored analysis into his or her body. It provides an in depth analysis of nutritional and supplemental needs, possible areas for injury, and emotional stability. While Bioscans provide possible problems within the body it offers a solution on how to solve and prevent them.

For those already with injury, stem cell therapies can be useful in such cases. Stem cells have been used by such athletes and professionals such as: Brett Favre, Kobe Bryant, Stephen Curry, Bartolo Carlon, Rafael Nadal, Chris Johnson and many more professional athletes across all disciplines.

Our injury prevention and recovery can be complemented with Traditional Chinese Acupuncture. These practices have been used by many professional athletes and Olympians. One of them famously being Michael Phelps.

We use neurofeedback to build the ability for athletes and performers to be ‘in the zone’; tuning out distractions during key situations, increasing processing speed and focusing all their energies on the task at hand. Smoother function equals greater poise under pressure, improved recovery speed after an error, and less ‘over-thinking’ in crucial moments.

AC Milan football club has been using neurofeedback training since 2006, and based on their World Cup win it was adopted by Real Madrid. Chelsea began using it in 2009. Neurofeedback is used for peak performance brain training by;

- The Pro golf circuit

- Formula 1 teams

- NASA astronaut training center

- United States Olympic Training Center

- English Institute of Sport (Olympic Training Center)

- Canadian National Olympic Sports Centers

- Norwegian Olympic Training Center

- Taiwanese Olympic Team

- Singapore Olympic Sports Council

- US Special Forces and Navy Seals training

- United States Army's Centers for Enhanced Performance

- Wingate Institute of Sports & Physical Education, Israel

- Human Performance Institute, Australian Special Forces

- West Point Military Academy, among others...

We bring all these resources to be available to you in aim to aid in building your legacy on your journey to the Hall of Fame.

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