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Our revolutionary, fully automatic software-based analysis, tests for over 285,000 different imbalances, disorders (physical and psychological), destructive substances (poisons, toxins, bacteria, fungi, viruses, parasites, allergens) and deficiencies in an objective way. This non-invasive test detects weaknesses in the body, including those that are genetically innate via hair sample.



Easy as one, two, three...

Upon ordering, fill out the form delivered to you via email. Collect a hair or saliva sample. Collect saliva by taking a cotton swab to the inside of your cheeks or collect a hair sample by taking the hair left behind in a recently used brush. (Make sure it is just yours.)


Next, take the saliva or hair sample and place it into a plastic ziplock bag. Take a sharpie and write your name and birthdate on the bag. Or write it on an accompanying piece of paper. Finally, mail or drop off your sample to one of our offices and leave the rest to us. 


Once your scan is complete, we will email your results and schedule a phone or in-person consultation to walk through your results with you, answer any questions, and outline next steps. To conclude, we will mail you the custom solutions created from your scan. 



  • Allergen Sensitivities

  • Chemical Toxicity

  • Circulatory Disturbances

  • Digestive Maladies

  • Female Issues

  • Immune Disorders

  • Inherited Predispositions

  • Joint Ailments

  • Male Issues

  • Metabolic Disturbances

  • Neurotransmitter Imbalances

  • Nutritional Deficiencies

  • Pathogenic Factors

  • Phenolic Sensitivities

  • Respiratory Issues

  • Skin Afflictions

  • Sleep Disturbances

  • Urinary Disorders

  • & more


Designed to be complementary to our services.


Specific Scans to your needs

Our team carefully analyzes each case and the information you provide via the BioScan form. Specific 'breakout' scans such as chemical toxins, joint ailments, nutritional deficiencies, sleep disturbances, and more, may also be done to look deeper into a targeted area according to your needs. Additional 'breakout' scans are available upon request.


Take The guessWork out of Supplements

Every supplement is not for everyone. Depending on the makeup of your body and its current needs, your body will react differently. This explains why someone may react great to a supplement and someone else sees no reaction at all or worse a negative reaction. With a BioScan we can test to see which supplements resonate best with your body and your goals. Don't know how much to take? We can test that too.


Considering iV Therapy

The advantage of IV Therapy is that higher levels of nutrients can often be introduced into the body that would otherwise be impossible orally. Many choose to opt for IV therapy to support in conjunction with their supplements or to avoid the day-to-day taking of supplements all-together. Just as we can utilize the BioScan to reveal which supplements resonate best with our clients, we can do the same with our IV therapies. 


Rethinking your Diet 

It is obvious that you should cut out junk food, but what your body needs in this exact moment...not so much. Even with good foods your nutritional needs ebb and flow depending on the state of your body. Just as needs for supplements and IV therapies change, so does your body's needs for certain foods. BioScans can reveal which foods you should avoid temporarily, which to consume, and which to eliminate all together giving you a tailored, dietary approach to your goals whether it be weight or wellness. BioScan curated diet plans are available upon consultation.


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