7 Incredible Reasons You Need an Oxygen Bar


7 Incredible Reasons You Need an Oxygen Bar

by McClain McKinney

Coming soon to Sparrow Health & Performance is our new oxygen bar, that will take your health and performance to a new level. Oxygen bars contain 99% pure O2 that funnel into small tubes that hang right underneath your nose. Typically air is only 21% O2, so you are going to have some extreme benefits when taking in 5-20 minutes of pure oxygen. Here are seven ways that you can really benefit from our new oxygen bar.

1. Debilitates Depression

An oxygen bar has the ability to alter your chemical balance thus lifting your feeling of depression. It will improve your circulation, send oxygen to your brain, and flush many toxins from the body as well.

2. Promotes Health and Fights Disease

“Deprive a cell 35% of its oxygen for 48 hours and it may become cancerous.” – Dr. Otto Warburg. Getting oxygen to our cells may be one of the simplest things we can do, but with our environment constantly threatening the body, we need to provide an extra layer of protection. Oxygen strengthens your mitochondria, which is an anti-inflammatory, killing unhealthy cells, but producing healthy ones. This reduces the inflammation in your body.

3. Cure Your Hangover

Whether it’s the night of or the morning after, the decisions you made the night before don’t have to be consequential for the rest of the day. Oxygen bars will get O2 into your body fast, alleviating headaches because the intake will increase circulation of oxygen throughout your brain, eliminating that hangover feeling.

4. Get Rid of Jet Lag

Jet lag happens when our body tries to readjust to a new circadian rhythm and has been hit with a deprivation of oxygen. Commercial airlines pressurize their cabins comparable to the pressure of 8,000 feet above sea level, meaning that there is 20-25% less oxygen at this pressure than normal, robbing our bodies of oxygen. An oxygen bar will compensate for this deprivation and allow you to make the most of your business trip or vacation.

5. Optimize Your Exercise

Training with oxygen supplements creates ATP for energy, increased mitochondria levels, flushes out the lactic acid that causes muscle fatigue, allows for a quicker recovery after a workout, facilitates brain function, and enhances an athlete’s performance giving the ability to make split-second decisions that could be a difference in the outcome of a game.

6. Think Faster

One study shows us how increasing the oxygen saturation level in our blood, creates more oxygen for the brain, thus BOOM, more brain power. A fantastic, healthy way to increase mental alertness and even going to the extent of increasing memory.

7. Give Me That Feel Good

Cities, clubs, and parties have begun introducing oxygen bars at many of their major events. After a session of taking in pure oxygen, many customers report of getting a “10 minute high,” many of whom say the effects last the rest of the day.

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