Resolution For Your Resolutions

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I’ve never really been a New Year resolution person because I feel like I set myself up for unrealistic expectations and goals. Believe me, I am not saying that we should not have goals. In fact, we should and it should not be a once a year thing. My son, in all his 22 years of wisdom, has taught me so much more than a child should ever be able to teach a parent. We have had numerous discussions about regardless of what we are going through to strive to be a better person today than we were yesterday and to serve others well in all that we do. Never forget to keep moving forward even when it seems like you are not or can not. It is not always easy but it is true and brings joy in so many ways.

Making changes, even small ones, can seem overwhelming. Let’s remember to not only offer others grace and forgiveness but offer it to ourselves too. We can not move forward holding on to things that did not go right or exactly how we planned. Some of the most amazing adventures occur when things do not go as planned.

As you begin planning your goals for the New Year, simply strive to be healthy in whatever that state or weight is for you instead of saying I need to lose “x” amount of weight or do this or that. We are all individuals with different gifts to offer the world that will never come to be if we are too busy trying to be someone else.

Consider the struggle of the caterpillar, it must overcome challenges to become perfected to be a beautiful butterfly. If the cocoon is cut to ease the struggle, the butterfly will not have the strength to fly. Don’t wait until you have more money, a house or a bigger house, that new job, an education or the companion of your dreams to live life to its fullest. You may very well find those things or that you do not need those things while you’re busy actually living!

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