Swiss Insurance Covers Complementary Therapies // Rebecca Rogers

Swiss Insurance Covers Complementary Therapies

by Rebecca Rogers

It’s official! The Swiss population may now receive insurance benefits for many complementary therapies. Wait, what? You mean insurance in Switzerland covers homeopathy, holistic medicine, acupuncture, and Traditional Chinese Medicine? It does, now. 

With a total population of more than eight million people, two-thirds of the Swiss have backed the inclusion of complementary therapies on the list of paid health services. Scores of complementary medicine providers, as well as those who have had significant improvement in their health, praised the decision. No longer will a citizen be denied the opportunity to explore every avenue because insurance will not pay. 

And if that’s not enough great news, the government has also included provisions to increase research and training in the fields. They are also promoting more collaboration between alternative and classical medicine with increased research. Hansueli Albonico, President of the Union of Associations of Swiss Physicians for Complementary Medicine, noted that practitioners were “confident” in the program based on “solid facts from existing scientific studies of which we already have 2,000 clinical trials.” With more than 17,200 registered complementary medicine practitioners, Switzerland has more practitioners per capita than anywhere else in the world. With the general consensus within the country, homeopathy is not questioned and there are often homeopaths in many pharmacies.

Traditional medicine with its prescription for everything may treat the symptoms but does it address the root cause? Wouldn’t it be great to be able to experience the best of conventional medicine and complementary therapies? It makes sense that we should all have the opportunity to not only be well rounded but have well-rounded health care that treats us individually instead of by a text book.  Now, how do we present this case in the United States to have these therapies acknowledged? Or perhaps there is too much money in insurance and pharmaceuticals? Regardless of insurance, true healthcare treats mentally, spiritually, and physically, and I’m fortunate to have witnessed the results.

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