What to Do for the Back to School Blues //Junior Blogger-Malia Edwards


We all have experienced the Monday Blues. Getting back to the school routine can be difficult for numerous reasons. Here are some ways for you or your child to cure some of those Back To School Blues. 

1.) Laughter

Right now all the rage at my school is Memes. We gather in the hall and share our best Meme. Laughter lowers your blood pressure, resets your mind to a more positive mindset, and lowers inflammation and stress.  Laughter truly is one of the best medicines!


2.) Eat

Don’t be hangry! Make sure you eat and eat healthily! Your friends and family will thank you for not being hangry. I know schedules and times are rushed but your mind can’t be its best if you’re hangry!  


3.) Do Good

We all wonder who we are going to sit with, eat lunch with, and have classes with. To say we just ponder it is an understatement. So do good and be that person who talks to someone new, sit next to someone who is alone, or talk to someone you have never spoken with before. Doing good makes you feel good and is beneficial to your health and overall well being.  


4.) Slime

Yes, I said it! Slime! We all love Slime! Playing with slime or play dough is a great way to reduce blues and stress. Just like you want to be the best you, make sure you make the best slime or play dough for you. Too many chemicals aren’t good. So make your own and say bye-bye to the Back To School Blues. 


5.) Ground

Just a simple walk outside is beneficial to combating the Back To School Blues. Nature is a beauty created by God for our enjoyment. Walk around on the ground barefoot. This is called grounding. It is a great way to connect with the Earth’s energies and to reset yours. Grounding reduces inflammation, increases energy, lowers stress, promotes calmness, and relieves muscle tension and headaches. In a fast paced world, it is good to slow down.  


6.) Read

Yes, I know what you are thinking. I read all day at school or work. Reading something you pick can help you escape to all kinds of imaginary worlds. It doesn’t have to be a huge novel. Try a comic or poem. Who doesn’t want to be a Queen who rules some foreign land? Where else can you be Batman and help save Gotham? Reading can melt those blues away, improve empathy, and encourage life goals.  


7.) Music  

Music has all kinds of benefits to combating those Back to School Blues. Unless you are into it, It doesn’t have to be classical music. Pick whatever you enjoy the most. Music releases frequencies which can help our frequencies. Music decreases pain, improves immune function, aids memory, and reduces stress. I vote for music in classrooms! 


8.) Take It Easy

No, I am not referring to that famous song. Take it easy on yourself. Stressing about the Back to School Blues only makes them worse. Just smile and take a deep breath. Remember once you’re settled into a routine at school things will be better. Keep it positive. Speak life into it. Go easy on yourself.  

There are too many things to list. Just remember you are in control of your mind. So when the Back To School or Monday Blues come, do something that is fun to you. Happiness is like light to darkness. You can’t be down if you’re doing something you enjoy.  



Junior Blogger - Malia Edwards

Malia Edwards attends school at Fort Payne Middle School. She is passionate about making life better for those with allergies. Malia wants everyone to have hope in their health and for people to be triumphant in their life whatever their goals may be. BioScans have enabled Malia to say goodbye to medications, improve her focus, and performance. In hopes of helping others reach peak performance, Malia is eager to share with others what BioScans can do for them.

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