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Three Steps to Accomplishing Your Dreams

by McClain McKinney

We all have goals we want to accomplish. These dreams come in all different shapes and sizes. Whether that is to lose a few pounds, make a six-figure income, or meet Kate Middleton, these goals have a significant value to us. It is easy to allow these dreams to remain dreams, however, it can be unbelievably challenging to make these dreams come true. Here are three easy tricks to help make the life you want to have become the life you are living.

Know Your Desired Destination 

Can a driver get to their destination if they don't know where they’re going? Absolutely not. They don’t need just the zip code, or the street, they need the physical address. Before you can decide on what you should do today, you need to know where you want to go. Setting goals is an important step in this process. Write them down and be specific. At the start of every year, serial goal setter Arnold Schwarzenegger writes down every goal he wants to accomplish that year. Since he has started doing this he has won seven Mr. Olympias, made over one million dollars before 30, and become a movie star, starring in almost fifty movies. In his autobiography “Total Recall,” Arnold recommends reviewing your goals frequently to remind yourself what you are working for.

Cast Your Vision

Author and popular podcaster Lewis Howes has a practice called the Perfect Day Itinerary (PDI). This practice allows you to cast out a general vision of what your future is going to look like in a certain amount of years. There are two different categories for this practice, a macro, and micro level. The macro level analyzes questions such as: 

How do I want every day to look? How do I want to feel every single day? What am I creating daily? With whom am I spending my time?What experiences am I exposing myself to? What passions am I fulfilling?

From a micro level, you give a detailed itinerary of what your ideal day would look like hour by hour.  From when you have breakfast, to the first few hours in the office (or not in the office).  It is the first step in setting the trajectory for creating the life you have always wanted to live. This practice helps you envision the life you dream of having.

Play the Tape

Michael Phelps, who has won 28 Olympic medals, does not solely credit his hard work or exercise routines to his wild success in swimming. He would attribute much of his success to the mental game. Ever since Michael was little, his coach Bob Bowman didn’t just train him to swim like the best in the world, he taught him to think like the best as well. Bowman instructed Phelps to envision the perfect race. From how he would line up on the block, the dive into the water, all the way to when he would touch the water before everyone else. When Phelps started winning, it wasn’t a new thing to him. He had been preparing for this moment his entire life.
   Play your tape. What does your perfect day look like? Envision having the perfect pitch to a client. Envision a life where you are waking up next to the person of your dreams every single day. Jim Carey wrote himself a ten million dollar checked and carried it around everywhere he went until he started actually making that much money. Live it and envision it.

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McClain McKinney