Have you or a loved one been diagnosed with a dis-ease, been given medicine and expected to spend the rest of your life simply managing symptoms? Why not utilize everything in Eastern and Western medicine to optimize your health journey? Dis-ease, is a hyphenated variation of the word "disease." The term dis-ease is used by individuals and healing communities who are aligned with wellness, choosing not to empower health issues by focusing on a particular ailment. The intent is to place emphasis on the natural state of "ease" being imbalanced or disrupted. The current health “care” system puts more emphasis on the symptoms than the root cause thereby producing an endless cycle of more drugs and side effects that simply exasperate the issue or create more.

Sparrow strives to assist individuals and their families in achieving balance by assisting the body in its natural design to heal itself. Regardless of the dis-ease, Sparrow will work with you and your medical team to begin the journey of healing mentally, spiritually and physically. Our BioScan will offer insight into the imbalances and, regardless of your current health condition, will begin the process of restoring balance. To further assist in balancing your body, Traditional Chinese Acupuncture, Brain Mapping, and Neurofeedback, can support in balancing your health. In cases of more severe damage, where additional support may be needed or in some cases deemed “hopeless”, treatment with stem cells from your own body may be suggested. These treatments have seen improvement in ways never before thought possible. Each body is different and you deserve an individualized plan to meet you where you are and guide you along the way. Be sure and check out our Services page for more detailed information on specific conditions and the research behind those services. If you would like to discuss your current situation with one of Sparrow’s professionals, please reach out to us via the Contact page. We look forward to joining you on your journey!