Disorders may affect your quality of life, mood, and thinking, not to mention the daunting amount of medications, side effects, and lack of clarity. From addictions, ADD/ADHD, anxiety and stress, autism, closed brain trauma (including strokes and concussions), depression, disorders associated with aging, to memory loss, and migraines. Fortunately, there is another option. 

With Brain Mapping and Neurofeedback Training, Sparrow offers a non-invasive and drug free option to assist in bringing your brain activity into balance. Backed by years of research and results, this process does not diagnose, treat, or cure but simply allows you the opportunity to rewire and balance the brain activity, improve mental clarity, focus and performance. There have been many cases of doctors being able to remove or significantly reduce all medications. Shouldn’t you consider all your options to improve the quality of life for you and your family? Check out our Services page for more detailed information and links to many years of research behind the process.