Educational Excellence

The difference between finishing first in your class and second comes between a hundredth of a point. Elite students who are competing for scholarships, or trying to get into competitive graduate and post-doc programs are taking advantage of neurofeedback to get better test scores, with much success. Sparrow wants to provide you the competitive advantage to give your student an edge on the competition, that could lead to setting them up for a lifetime of success.

Streamlining your mind is simple mental hygiene; an essential component of reaching optimal health. Benefits from neurofeedback would be emotional stability, increased memory, longer attention span, better motivation, decision making, processing speed, reading comprehension, and problem solving. This allows us to maximize the characteristics and components that make up an excellent student.

Neurofeedback alleviates difficulties with focus, concentration, and attention, and empowers students to ward off distractions. It also helps with sleep, which enables better cognitive performance, and an overall higher quality of life, taking your student to the next level.

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