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Sparrow and The Good Fight Foundation are committed to those in need, whether emotional, mental, or physical. Together we are changing the lives of countless people for the good. Our premier, adipose stem cell therapy helps transform lives in a tangible way. Your tax-deductible donation to The Good Fight Foundation will offer families in need, hope and life-changing SVF stem cell therapies. 100% of donations go directly to pay for therapies.


A Gift That Lasts Generations

Whether it be children, parents, or even grandparents, keeping one healthy, helps keep the family healthy. This gift is one that will keep giving for years to come. 


Standing Behind Our Heroes 

We are forever grateful to the men and women fighting for our freedom. Our soldiers take care of us and we seek to return the favor as many are candidates in need of stem cell therapy. 


Kids of All Ages

Child-like wonder is a thing of beauty. Whatever condition stands in their way, we want to defeat it and get them back to becoming all that they dream to be.

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Closed Brain Trauma

Harrison is suffering with closed brain trauma and pain from multiple fractures that interfere with his ability to function in daily activities others consider normal.

Every other medical option has failed. Hearing of the success in treating brain trauma in our soldiers, they have opted for stem cell therapy to give him the opportunity that every parent would want for their child.

They humbly ask for donations to help offset the cost. All donations are tax deductible and will go fully toward the expense of his stem cell therapy.

Please join us in supporting, praying for, and cheering Harrison on in fighting the Good Fight.


Give and join us in fighting the Good Fight. 


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About Stem Cell Therapy

Many come to us after traditional medicine has left them financially strained and grasping for straws. In some cases, such as autoimmune, may require multiple treatments due to the amount of cells that need repairing. This could normally be a financial burden for some individuals. We seek to alleviate and carry the burdens we can. We want to uplift these people to regain their lives, not kick them while their down. 

It is unfortunate that many see stem cells as their last resort when really it is your body's natural defense. It wouldn't be a stretch to hypothesize how many treatments and expenses might could be avoided had stem cells been an earlier intervention. This may be a NEW era in medicine, but it really reflects perhaps the OLDEST form of intervention. Before we had any kind of medical intervention we had to rely on our body’s natural cell defense to keep us healthy. We now have the ability to unlock and harvest huge quantities of these repair cells for immediate use and, further, we can send samples to our lab where they can be cryopreserved and expanded as millions of stem cells for later use.