A whole-body clinic


Sparrow Health & Performance, LLC's purpose is to restore hope through whole body treatment. We want to encourage people to be victorious in fulfilling their calling and purpose.

Sparrow provides the necessary assessment tools and knowledge for assisting individuals in optimizing their health.

Our approach is innovative; blending neuroscience, psychology, biology, and personal growth disciplines to create a step-by-step process, or “blueprint” for improving overall health. We take the best of Eastern and Western Medicine and bring them together to create a one-of-a-kind experience. Sparrow offers a customized "blueprint" for the needs of each individual.

For too long, we have been okay with accepting a trade-off not in our favor, yielding a long list of side effects. Common-sense tells us that the cons should never outweigh the pros. It is time we put the odds back in your favor. We are always adjusting and improving our services. We are a young, growing company designed to grow with you.

It is our goal to help people see where they currently are, where they would like to be and what is needed to get there. Our approach is proactive, not reactive, and we are honored to have the privilege to join you on your journey to health!



with a hopeful origin story: