A BioScan Includes:

comprehensive scan

main body scan

supplementation scan

informational scan

one breakout scan of client's choice

2 bottles of custom made imprint solutions.

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Service Includes:

BioScan Analysis via hair or nail sample; no in person visit required. BioScans will include a comprehensive, main body, supplementation, informational, one breakout scan of client's choice and 2 bottles of imprints. Results will be sent via email with suggestions for bringing the body into balance. Additional supplements and imprints will be suggested for purchase at the client's discretion and/or budget.

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Fill out the forms upon ordering. Place several strands of hair or nail clippings into a tissue and place inside a plastic storage bag. Write name, collection date, and date of birth on the bag. Mail or drop off to the address as instructed by your technician.