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Multiple types of mixed Lactobacilli probiotics make your stomach and intestines happy. 
Increases in helpful Lactobacilli restrains the growth of harmful bacteria and helps with bowel movement.

What are Probiotics?

Probiotics are “live bacteria living in a healthy person’s intestine that provide positive health effects when proper amounts are taken”.
Source: FAQ / WHO (World Health Organization) 

For more information see our post here.

Why is Lactobacillus Important?

70% of your immune system is in your digestive tract,  so if you want good overall health You need to take care of the digestive system first! 
Between the stomach and intestines, various Lactobacilli and harmful bacteria coexist. In the case of healthy children, more than 90% oft he bacteria in the excreta are bifidobacteria.
Harmful intestinal bacteria increase with age.
Preserve intestinal health by increasing helpful bacteria and restraining harmful ones!

Recommended users:
•People who want to maintain intestinal health
•People who experience irritable bowel movements
•Children and youth that need to strengthen the immune system
•People with bad breath
•People looking for tasty and easy to use Probiotics
•People who want to maintain a healthy lifestyle
•People with irregular bowel movements due to unhealthy eating
•People with unhealthy bowels due to stress and bad eating habits
•People who have trouble digesting dairy products
•People who experience indigestion due to lack of physical activity
•People with constipation due to irregular eating and living habits
•People who sit for long periods