Lisa P.

"Before her Bioscan, my daughter was taking anxiety medication, having some horrible side effects from it and had to get a B12 shot every two weeks. In addition to the side effects from the anxiety medicine, her emotions were like a roller coaster. She'd feel great for a few days after taking the B12 shot, then the effects would start to lessen. By the end of the second week, she would crash and be very emotional again. After having her Bioscan done,  recommendations were made for supplements to assist in bringing her body into balance.  She started supplementation and with the guidance of her physician, started to taper off her medication. In only three weeks, she was completely off her prescriptions and felt better than she had in several years. Her second scan revealed areas of improvement where she had taken the recommended supplementation. The scans reveal what your issues are and then you are given options of how to fix the problem areas. The suggestions made will help to fix the root of the problem, not only the symptoms that are presented. If we only treat the symptom, the issue itself is still there, still wreaking havoc within our bodies. Bioscan has given us the opportunity to help our daughter heal from the inside out with both physical and emotional issues."

"The Bioscan has been a great tool for us at Well Being Medicine for Animals. We decided to add these scans to improve our patient protocols. This tool has given us a more sensitive and detailed approach to functional imbalances that are not so easily detected via routine testing, i.e. bloodwork, X-rays, ultrasonography, etc. 

Sparrow Health and Performance has become one of our favorite diagnostic labs for this service. Their staff is professional and committed to excellence. We highly recommend Sparrow, as we are glad to be a part of their honest and effective methods that have benefited both us and our patients."

Jessica E.

"As a mother, you will do and try most everything when you see your children struggling. Every trip to the doctor revealed fewer answers, more medications and the doctor's comment of "There's nothing else we can do." When your children can't go out and play and they can't sleep at night because of extreme itching, you become discouraged! My children had severe allergies. Their socks would stick to their feet from severe eczema and they had no restful nights from the severe itching. Bloody socks, bed sheets, hands and feet from scratching the eczema were a normal routine. Both children were on seven medications each. The medications and allergy shots still were not easing their issues. They had numerous tests ran and every cream imaginable was tried. Just to try and ease our frustration, I would joke with our pediatrician (a very nice and wonderful person) that we just needed to rent a room at his office. Every year my children had the flu at least once a year. My poor son always had bronchitis during the winter. In a mother's search for answers, I found BioScan. We are now off ALL medications. No more excessive scratching, bloody sheets, hands or feet. No more allergy shots! We haven't been to the doctor due to illness for over two years. It is amazing how it has healed and brought health to my children. They have had perfect attendance for two years and now play outside and participate in sports. We could have never imagined that was possible! BioScan is a blessing and I would highly recommend it to anyone!"

Wesley,   Age 10

"The Bioscan is awesome! It's way better than the allergy shots I used to get and has helped me to stop taking all the medicine I used to take. If I ever start feeling sick or out of balance, I tell my mom I want a scan. It has been great because I used to be sick all the time and now I've had perfect attendance two years in a row! It is awesome and everyone should give it a try!"


Terri L.

"My experience with Bioscan has been GREAT!! I endured pain and numbness due to my sciatic nerve for years and can now live pain free as a result!  Bioscan also pinpointed areas of inflammation that were triggering other health issues. After adjusting diet and lifestyle based on my scan-I can enjoy a better quality of life! I highly recommend Rebecca Rogers and Bioscan!"